Please read the entire following page so our meeting is Mutual!!!!!
Life is to be lived to the fullest Ė experience a taste of heaven here on earth!!!!
Iím sorry this is so long, but there is some really great, important information for all men to learn about, and be aware of!!!!!
Hello Men, nice to meet you.  My name is Jessie Parker  and I am one very Lucky, Hot/Sexy Woman and  I live in Paradise --- Newport Beach, 7 min. from J.W. Airport.  I am 5'8", 126pds.   I am 37 years old and most people think I look 23-33.   People often ask if I am of Swedish, Norwegian, Scandinavian or of Dutch descent.   I look similar to:   Cameron Diaz, Reese Witherspoon, Kristen Bell, Kirsten Dunst, if you do not know them you can just go to google.    If you would like more pictures of me, just go to my GALLERY.
I will be your intriguing companion; I have a very nice tan body with smooth skin. I offer classy and discerning gentlemen an experience you will always remember.  If you are ready for a special encounter with a big hearted, total natural beauty who is:  easy going, drama free, passionate, intelligent, beyond genuine, perfect breasts, interesting, real, fun, down to earth, and funny then do not hesitate to call.   I strive for discretion, and for an encounter either one of us is not soon to forget.   My personality and beauty will draw you in, our connection and experience will keep you coming back year after year!    I am very discreet and your complete and total satisfaction is my priority.  I donít smoke and I donít have any pets at my very private home.
Please keep in mind that Iím in BootCamp and I work out every day Mon-Fri, 10am-11am, so a good time to see me would be after 11:30am.  I don't work out in a gym,  I work out in a park with a personal trainer.   Boot Camp is Rain or Shine and it is an insane hard core Work Out, which Iíve been doing for about a year and a half, and I love it.

I strongly feel that I fall in a 1-3% category. Think about this: 100 Women in a room, 85-90% are from 18-24, average age is 21, so letís remove them. 15 women are left, some may be over 50, some may even be over 55, some are unattractive, some are really out of shape, some are on medication or ?. So letís remove 12 more, now I and 2 others are still left, but the other 2 are not as nice, warmhearted or REAL as me. They most likely don't have over six years worth of proof on a review board to prove who they are either!!!
I do prefer to meet married or attached distinguished gentlemen, over the age of 46.   The reason I prefer married, attached, older men is because I have had single, younger men just show up at my door at 2:00am --- that freaked me out.!!!!!    I am very discreet and all rendezvous are treated with the utmost discretion.   I prefer to spend my time with men who have the following qualities:   nice, kind hearted, compassionate, upscale, married, professional, polite, funny, happy,  smart,  business minded, family man, confident, generous, integrity, smells clean, drug free, well groomed.   If you are a Heavy, Heavy SmokerÖ Please Do Not call me.

 I have 81 Reviews on a reputable review site.....this site has been around over 10 years.  The rules here do not me refer you to it, but you can find it when you google my cell phone number or Google:   ClassyJessie   My first review is from June 2004, I have one low review, and in that review he is upset because I wasnít kissing him enough.....I suppose he  had Cigarette/Coffee breath or just Gross BAD breath!  So with that said please just be extremely clean and don't wear ANY cologne for our special time together. Also, I seem to be allergic to ANY type of mouthwash.    
 Note:   The BEST way to contact me is to call directly, 2nd best way is to text, if you e-mail me I may NOT get if for a while, E-Mail only goes to my computer, NOT my phone!!!!!!!
Here is a friendly TIP ---- ******  Google: PHONE NUMBERS ******, thatís right, with the dashes included, go ahead google mine:   714-504-7223 and keep in mind that other sites throughout the past years have stolen my information without my permission.  There will be ads I made and ads I have not made.

My other interests:   The Stock Market, Working Out, Short trips to Palm Springs, Catalina or Lake Havasu, Concerts, Relaxing at home, B.B.Qís with friends, going to small neighborhood bars with my girlfriends.   

Also, if youíd like any more information please call or text.  714-504-7223


I do have an email address but I rearly check it due to my volume of clients from phone calls and text. When I do check it, it's hit or miss do to the spam filter:

I look forward to meeting you soon.

Jessie (714) 504-7223

Independent Female Escort in OC ---- California ----- United States


Rates:   400/Full Hour........Most Popular Choice
300/Half Hr............
at times can be negotiated:)
700/2 Hrs
1000/3 Hrs
1300/4 Hrs
1600/5 Hrs
1900/6 Hrs

4000/24 Hrs